Wifi Upgrade

Wifi Upgrade in the Restaurant Barn

This summer we performed a Wifi upgrade in our restaurant barn to Wifi 6 (802.11ax for the nerds among you).

The new access point offers 4,800 Mbps maximum throughput – doubling the previous capability.

Also, the client capacity of 300+ is sufficient even if our clients would bring several devices and operate them all simultaneously in our restaurant barn at the same time.

The new access point has performed flawlessly during the last couple of months.

The Wifi 6 upgrade plus the fiberoptic ISP connection means even better, worry-free internet for our guests throughout Alma-Via Guesthouse.
The inconspicuously looking new Wifi6 access point

Wifi Upgrade throughout the guest rooms

Last year we already upgraded 10 other access points throughout the buildings. The older ones were still using pretty old tech (802.11 n). Unfortunately, the technology had become too outdated. We opted instead for small, dedicated access points perfect for hotel rooms based on Wifi 5 (802.11ac). They are configured to operate with low transmit power in order to keep radiation to a necessary minimum.

What does this mean for you?

No matter if you plan a private trip or a business event, you don’t have to worry about Wifi reception and Wifi Quality at Alma-Via Guesthouse.

The Wifi upgrade means our guests can take full advantage of our fiberoptic ISP connection.