The next big swing

Alma-Via Guesthouse has a new swing for kids

In the summer, two journeymen (in German: Wandergeselle, in Romanian: calfe) paid us a visit and asked for work. This century-old tradition from German craftsmen is still very much alive in our Transylvanian region. Several former journeymen decided to settle here and start their own workshops years ago, where they can now board and employ the next generation. Alternatively they can stay in downtown Sibiu in a house next to the protestant cathedral (called “Gesellenherberge” or “Casa Calfelor”). 

Either way, these young guys usually make their way through Transylvania, to find a place to stay and work for a few weeks on different projects in their respective craft, such as iron-work, brick- or stone work, roofs or furniture. We had planned for a while to build a sturdy, wooden swing from solid acacia-beams in our garden, and were hence very happy when these two carpenters found us! They liked the project and started right away. A few weeks later, Tim could officially try this beautiful wooden swing. He approved and confirmed that it It works like a charm!

Here are some pictures from “the next big swing” build