Tag: Improvements

  • Wifi Upgrade

    Wifi Upgrade

    Wifi Upgrade in the Restaurant Barn This summer we performed a Wifi upgrade in our restaurant barn to Wifi 6 (802.11ax for the nerds among you). The new access point offers 4,800 Mbps maximum throughput – doubling the previous capability. Also, the client capacity of 300+ is sufficient even if our clients would bring several…

  • The next big swing

    The next big swing

    Alma-Via Guesthouse has a new swing for kids In the summer, two journeymen (in German: Wandergeselle, in Romanian: calfe) paid us a visit and asked for work. This century-old tradition from German craftsmen is still very much alive in our Transylvanian region. Several former journeymen decided to settle here and start their own workshops years…

  • New room on the block

    New room on the block

    For several years, we have wanted to turn our attic into a new guestroom. Now the time has finally come: we can proudly present six cozy and diverse guestrooms at Alma Via Guesthouse. A spacious and bright “New room on the block” Our latest addition has its own, private entrance, with a staircase leading upstairs…