Guest Review

We got this nice guest review through email:

I discovered Alma Via this summer – and it was a holiday to remember! Looking forward to going there again. The village, nested in the hills of Transylvania, already suggest the ”retreat” one can find there. But the resort at Alma Via was way beyond my expectancy: wonderful place, beautifully restored, confy rooms and superb garden/terrace. Marion and Mike were great hosts, always friendly and discreetly efficient. The food was very good, too.

One can discover the surrounding hills, the fortified Saxon church, in pleasant walks. There is no phone signal in the village, but the resort provides an excellent internet connection – this somehow helped me disconnect from everyday tasks and enjoy my holiday. The dog and cats in residence sweetly and innocently help you, if you are looking for soft de-stressing strategies :-), too.


Cheers to Ioana for the nice words!