Restaurant Barn Event Venue

The Restaurant Barn is where everything is happening

The Alma-Via Restaurant Barn doubles as a beautiful Event Venue. It is the place where eating, celebrating, and sometimes working together takes place. We hosted plenty of birthdays and weddings in the past. We would love to help with your event as well.

The different areas of the building are adaptable for the occasion. You can create different experiences in different areas of the venue.

You might be surprised at the possibilities and the history of the barn.

There are different event venue areas waiting to be used by our guests:

The restaurant is on the ground floor. During events, we can accommodate up to 55 people in the Restaurant. Our house guests, therefore, have plenty of space during normal Guesthouse operations.

In front of the barn is a terrasse that is popular for eating outside.

Restaurant Barn Event Venue

The upper floor houses a multipurpose space. During regular usage, it usually acts as a kid’s play area. During corporate workshops, we can supply tables for group work.

The multipurpose space also has a ceiling-fixed projector that can be used for presentations or movie watching.

Also upstairs, but on the other side, there’s a smaller couch area for guests to relax. It also is a favorite breakout location during corporate workshops.

After darkness settles in, our disco ball, together with our sound system can transform the restaurant into a very different, even happier space.

The outside of the barn also adapts to the occasion at night.

Are you interested in making the Alma-Via Restaurant Barn your Event Venue?

Restaurant: Reservation Needed

Since we use fresh seasonal and regional ingredients for our traditional Transylvanian and contemporary German dishes, please note that we are usually not prepared for walk-ins, but require a reservation.

If you would like to make a reservation or have an inquiry,  please use the contact form or call us at (0269) 702710.