Alma-Via Guesthouse is a traditional, Saxon-style farmhouse that has been converted into a Guesthouse & Restaurant. The property is located right in the heart of Transylvania with many cultural sites and medieval attractions and cities within easy reach.

The Guesthouse has six wonderful, different guestrooms to fulfill all your needs. For bigger groups that need more than six rooms, we will gladly assist you in finding additional accommodation in Alma Vii.

At the heart of our services is our Restaurant barn. After all, what would a stay at a guesthouse be without good food in a nice setting? Please be aware that you need to reserve your table in the restaurant in advance.

Alma-Via Guesthouse

We created the guesthouse we always were looking for

The birth of Alma-Via Guesthouse

We are not related to any Transylvanian Saxons. And our previous work in corporate jobs was no indication that we would end up doing what we did. Here is some more background for you to understand why we created the Alma-Via Guesthouse in its current form.

Background: two years of Romanian photo-safaris

When my ex-company sent me to work in Bucharest for a few weeks, Marion and I used the weekends to discover exciting and beautiful places in Romania. Before that time, I barely knew where Romania was.

Weeks turned into months and months turned into two years. In the end, we had done several weekend workshops with professional photographers like our friend Mihai Moiceanu and with Sorin Onisor.

We really enjoyed Romania, but we had to move on

The following 6 years we spent working in Budapest, Hungary. At the same time, we were always drawn back to beautiful Romania. When we decided to leave our corporate jobs and create something as a family, we decided to move to Transylvania permanently.

Our travels inside Romania had left us with the impression that there was still some room for the guesthouse we envisioned. So we went ahead and created the guesthouse we always were looking for.